The ultimate AI-generated content engine for Web3, games, and every online community

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What is Orbofi

Orbofi is the ultimate AI-generated content engine for web3, games, and every online community. Orbofi empowers anyone with a phone to create onchain AI-generated gaming assets, and train, deploy, and create finetuned AI models in a few clicks that act as Asset factories for web3 and games

Orbofi is boosting the next phase of human creativity and democratizing onchain digital content creation with AI, for the masses

Create High quality AI-generated game and media assets in seconds. Tokenize your content and prompt on the blockchain. Sell for crypto

Create in a few seconds with AI high-quality, proprietary or public virtual goods, game assets, and digital media for yourself, your game, or your community. Tokenize them and their prompts on the blockchain in 1-click, for real ownership, transferability, and monetization.  

in seconds, you can create factories for









Powering the next evolution of user-generated virtual factories, economies, stories, worlds, and gamified experiences with AI and blockchain

Create your own AI model, aka virtual factory, for any kind of digital content in a few clicks, and make money when others use it

Create, Socialize, level-up, and earn

Earn points and Orbox ( in-app compute credits ) by creating and leveling-up your creative power, and by    co-creating, aka: co-prompting with friends, and strangers.

Turning imagination and asset creation a social and incentivized experience. Next up: collective playable 3D worlds creation

Meet Orbofi BlueSky: our custom trained AI model that is serving the future of 2D and 3D internet experiences. Decentralized, Open-source

A virtual universe generated by imagination, built by people, and powered by AI and game engines


 First virtual good creators, then virtual world creators

Coming Next: Immerse your community

AI-generated playable universe like you’ve never seen before for:  Community Orbs that you can build for yourself,  with your friends, community, and brand. Generated by AI and powered by humans. 

Create in seconds, your own avatars and inventories for yourself, friends, and community members

Describe who and what you want to be, and our AI will create your characters in multiple styles in seconds. from ultra-realistic to anime. 

Text-to-3D, then Text-to-Worlds

Orbofi token. $OBI


Orbofi Token ($OBI) is a utility token that powers the governance and economic foundation of the AI-generated content layer of Web3, games, media, and the AI-generated metaverse. 

$OBI, as a fungible in-app currency, is 

Join us in boosting human creativity and human globalization